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"The drink was brought to life together with the cartoon characters in 1987. May be it is wine, may be not. We are inviting you to find out yourselves. The contents have been kept secret for already 26 years now. While the ingredients remain the same, their proportions differ from time to time.

That is why you will never get bored from this drink! We can assure you that you will not be left disappointed. Share your thoughts about the taste of the drink on the web site: homer &” 

The design is inspired by the works of Pieter Mondriaan.

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OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO FOR JENNY LEWIS' JUST ONE OF THE GUYS, featuring Kristen Stewart, Brie Larson and Anne Hathaway.

Really Jenny?! Ugh.

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5-Foot-Tall Kacy Catanzaro Is The First Woman To Finish The ‘American Ninja Warrior’ Course.

Actually, totally, amazing and worth watching the whole way through.

-Jody, BL Show-

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